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Repainting Side Table

zebra painted side table

My friend gave me two small side tables. She didn’t want them anymore. She used them when she was into the Shabby Chic thing. I love them and think they would make great side tables. The first one I decided to make zebra stripe since my granddaughter is into that. Everyone in 7th grade is into that it seems!

You will need:

  • White spray paint.
  • Utility knife or exacto-knife.
  • Painters tape.
  • Black craft paint – acrylic.
  • Paint brush.

First I washed them off really good and let dry. I then took white spray paint and covered them, let dry for 24 hours as the directions stated. Afterwards I covered the top with painters tape. Now take your utility knife or exacto-knife and carefully cut the zebra design into it. Carefully and slowly peel the tape off where you want the stripes. Be slow because it can pull up the paint underneath it. Mine did that in a spot, it’s OK if you get a spot it will fill in once repainted. Carefully look over the tape and make sure its all stuck down real good.





this shows the paint bleeding

this shows the paint bleeding

All done!

All done!

You will have some paint bleed under the tape, and it can be touched up, but the less you have the better. Now take the black craft paint and paint brush and paint in the black stripes. Before it drys slowly peal up the rest of the painters tape. And there you have it! As you can see mine did bleed under the tape and I have some touching up to do. So don’t feel bad if this happens to you. After it drys carefully slowly touch it up. And then it will look like the picture above!