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Painted Flower Pots

Painted flower pots


I love pretty flower pots and I like to be original. A Terra-Cotta flower pot is the cheapest kind to buy, but the plants dry out really fast because they are not glazed. But if you paint them they are now cheap, creative and seal coated so they hold moisture much longer. I use craft paints that you can buy almost anywhere. Water clean up. Afterward the paint is good and dry I seal the paint in with clear spray polyurethane. This comes in gloss or satin which ever you may prefer. I prefer gloss. I spray the outside and the inside with the gloss polyurethane. It works better to spray the inside so the moisture doesn’t come through and spoil the craft paint.

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10 Ideas for Decorating with Rope


One of my favorite places to go to find home decorating ideas is at our local Habitat for Humanity ReStore. This is a great place to find random used or slightly used items, plus proceeds are used to help build more homes for Habitat for Humanity in your area.

Check out our latest find below:

decorating with rope

Left: We purchased the black and yellow rope on the bottom
Right: We purchased the brown rope

So now comes the question…. What the heck am I going to do with all this rope???? Well check out some ideas I found below. Let me know which idea is your favorite and I will post it to the blog later on what I ended up doing with the rope.

source: Crafted Niche1. Rope and Spool End Table #1

Well this would use up some rope and the spool! I really like that I could use both of my finds to create this idea.

Source: Crafted Niche

spool22. Rope and Spool End Table #2

Another option, this one has two kinds of rope and a glass top.

Source: Camelot Art Creations

made by Omorfigia Designs4. Rope Sign

This would be neat, but I would have it say River instead of Beach

Source: Omorfigia Designs

source: My Home Ideas5. Rope Shelf

Wouldn’t this look cool in a nautical style bathroom?? I don’t like the dark black wood, I would probably choose a dark wood stain instead.

Source: My Home Ideas

rope-mirror6. Rope Mirror

I love Restoration Hardware, but hate their prices. I think this mirror would be easy to replicate with any circle mirror.

Source: Restoration Hardware

rope-towel7. Rope Towel Holder

Seems like I need a nautical bathroom with all these lovely bathroom pictures I keep finding.

Source: House of 34

rope-charger8. Rope Charger

Weird name. But love the look.

Source: Pottery Barn

rope-railing9. Rope Railing

Not sure this is very practical, but I love the look. This whole house is amazing actually.

Source: Garden and Gun

rope-vase10. Rope Bowl

The ultimate easy way to use the rope, just ball it up and put it in a glass bowl/vase!

Source: bellamason