Painted Flower Pots

Painted flower pots


I love pretty flower pots and I like to be original. A Terra-Cotta flower pot is the cheapest kind to buy, but the plants dry out really fast because they are not glazed. But if you paint them they are now cheap, creative and seal coated so they hold moisture much longer. I use craft paints that you can buy almost anywhere. Water clean up. Afterward the paint is good and dry I seal the paint in with clear spray polyurethane. This comes in gloss or satin which ever you may prefer. I prefer gloss. I spray the outside and the inside with the gloss polyurethane. It works better to spray the inside so the moisture doesn’t come through and spoil the craft paint.

IMG_20131103_120404 IMG_20131122_144239 IMG_20131102_180845  IMG_20131102_121615

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