How To Make An Omelet

how to make omelet

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I like using a square frying pan. They can be done in a round one, but it makes it a little harder.
Take 2 eggs and whip them together. I used onion, peppers, and sausage that I browned beforehand. Have your frying pan on medium-high. Add 1 Tbsp butter spread it around. Pour egg mixture onto the frying pan. Roll the pan around so the mixture reaches all the edges. Take the pepper, onion and sausage mixture and lay it down the middle of the egg mixture. You are going to fold the eggs into thirds. Take one side and flip it over the middle. Take the other side and flip it over the middle too. Now take the entire thing and flip it over. If this is too intimidating, cut it in half. Once it’s all flipped take cheese slices and put on top. Add 3 drops of water and cover with a lid. This will create steam to melt the cheese. Be careful you don’t use too much water or it will make it slimy.

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