Ham and Pea Soup

split pea and ham soup

I wanted to make ham and pea soup. My family including my kids love this soup and have eaten it since they were babies. Normally after I make a ham for the family the next day I use the leftover ham and bone to make soup. In case you didn’t know the secret to soup is the bone. I asked the butcher at my local grocery store if he had a ham bone I could buy. He said they didn’t. I told him why I was looking for one and he suggested ham hocks. I had never used these before. He assured me thats what he uses in his pea soup. I asked are they salt cured or sugar cured. Because salt cured is better in ham soup. Sugar cured is OK, but not the same. He assured me they were salt cured and then told me I knew what I was doing to have asked that question. Kudos to me!

split pea soup IMG_20140218_160732-2

Next buy a bag of split green peas. They are found in the isle where the bags of different beans are. Normally the rice isle.


  • 1 package Ham hocks
  • 1 bag split dried green peas
  • 1 medium onion chopped
  • 1 carrot diced
  • 1 chopped potato


In a large soup pot add the peas and the ham hocks. Cover with water. Place on burner on medium. This takes most of the afternoon for the peas to become mushy. You may need to turn the burner down so it doesn’t cook too hot and boil over.

Add onion, carrot, and potato. Salt and pepper to taste and  continue cooking. Cook until the peas are basically melted. Take the ham hocks out and let cool. You will need to peel off the skin and discard. Pick of the meat and add to pot. Throw away the ham bone too.

Be careful if the ham is salt cured you want to make sure to salt to taste and not over salt. I do like a good bit of pepper in my soup. You can make the soup thick or thin as you prefer. My mother likes it thick almost like mashed potatoes. I prefer it to be more runny. It’s all in how much water you add.

Serve with buttered bread or drop biscuits.

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