Chicken Salad – Salad

chicken salad salad

I just love putting chicken salad on top of a salad! It’s filling and refreshing. Make a salad any way that you like and plop your favorite chicken salad on top. In this picture I used -

Salad -

Baby Salad Greens
Yellow Squash – chopped
Zucchini  Рchopped
Tomato – chopped
Celery – chopped
Hard Boiled Egg – sliced
Home Made Croutons 

Chicken Salad -

1 Can of White Chicken Breast ( or 1 grilled chicken breast chopped up)
Celery – chopped
Dill Pickle Spear – chopped
Mayonnaise – to taste
Salt and Pepper – to taste

I plate the salad, place the egg on the side and plop a scoop of chicken salad on top. Sprinkle the croutons around. Now use whatever salad dressing you like. I like Ranch on this. Enjoy!

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