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IMG_20140906_173406243My name is Alison – I am not a chef or trained cook. I’m a mother and grandmother. When I was raising my children I cooked every night. We did not go out to eat we couldn’t afford it. We rarely went to fast food restaurants. Mostly only when traveling. They are convenient for that. From trial and error I’ve learned a few things along the way.  Now my children are grown and are asking for my recipes. When I’m making Thanksgiving or Christmas dinners they are always requesting dishes they love.  This blog allows all my recipes to be all in one place.

Another reason I am doing this is I have noticed the younger generations don’t seem to cook. Or don’t seem to cook much. I actually saw an ad on TV where the Mom asks the kids what they want for dinner. The daughter says “Hot Pockets” and the son says “Spaghettio’s” Mom takes lettuce in a bowl cuts up 6 cherry tomatoes and throws them in and considers this a salad. And proceeds to give the kids their choices with a little “salad”.  What have we as Americans become if we think this is a meal? People like to say “well, I work. I don’t have time”. Well I worked a lot when I was raising the kids and I cooked too. You will find my recipes are fast and easy. At least cook on the weekends. Make a commitment to cook this week, or every week at least 1 time.  Make your spouse and children sit at a table and eat together. This is so important. When they are little they will learn table manners. When they are teenagers you get a chance to connect with them and see whats going on in their lives. If you have any questions about any recipe there’s a box on the bottom to ask questions and I can respond.


1374117_775661187109_1800068061_nI am Amanda, Alison’s  daughter – I am a Graphic Designer. I pushed my Mom into doing this because I love her cooking and her writing, and I hoped we could make something out of this. I am the one that makes the website and Pinterest site. And all the HTML codes that she has no clue about. I work full time in my field and try to keep up with Mom’s recipes in my spare time.


So check out our site, let us know which posts you like and what you want to see more of! This site will be ever changing as we continue to develop our writing and ideas, so make sure to check back often. We can make this place something we all enjoy together!

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